“Art has no guidelines. Art has no rules. So I dig deep into my roots. I seek out inspiration from my travels and re-create the light from my memories. And that is how invention is born.”


Charly earned a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. In addition, she studied and worked as an Intern in Greece and Italy for over three years, where she was exposed to ancient cultures, while simultaneously experiencing contemporary life. Her journey began in a bright barn in New Hampshire, just walking distance from the rocky shoreline. Now she is based in California, where she is a full time artist. She creates a wide range of work, constantly studying new techniques and subject matter. From oil painting to sculpting, large scale murals to small handwritten poems, her mission is to capture light and recreate the essence of her ever-changing environment.

E x h i b i t i o n s :

  • Destination Haus featured artist. Amagansett, NY 2017 - present

  • Christine’s Crossing featured artist. Rye Beach, NH 2016 - present

  • "Drifters Art Show" Darien, CT August 2018

  • Ro Sham Beaux featured artist. Charleston, SC 2016 

  • "Blending Tides Art Show" Christine's. Rye, NH August 2015

  • “Aegean Center Fall Exhibition” Paros, Greece 2014

  • "Indian Summer Art Show" Christine's. Rye, NH. September 2014 

  • "Art on Board" Fundraiser for Burton's Chill Foundation, The Paperbox, Brooklyn, July 2014

  • "Badway Creation's Art Show" Darien, CT, September 2013

  • "Aegean Spring Exhibition" Paros, Greece, 2013

  • "Badway Mural Collaboration" Rye Public Library Benefit Event, Rye Beach NH, 2013

  • "Waves Flow Mural Collaboration" San Francisco Art Institute, CA, 2013